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  • The guitar music that reaches out at me as I enter Hörsaal II to watch this term’s production of the Anglistentheater is soothing, somewhat relaxing. It fits the scene I see on stage where two young children (Lea Bess, Tara Vogel; Milla Hünig, Midori Tran) and a nurse (Julia Teuchner) are playing quietly with a toy ship. However, the [...]
  • El fin de la guerra

    March 23, 2018

    Una mujer camina por la ciudad destruida. Los tacones de sus zapatos resuenan en la acera polvorienta. La mujer pasa por ruinas, ladrillos abandonados y pilas de ceniza. Todo es gris o negro. Pero no la mujer. Su vestido delicado emite un aura festiva, los cabellos rubios están bien arreglados y sus ojos resplandecen de alegría. Ella sabe que la [...]
  • Mother Goose

    March 7, 2018

    With their sweet melodies and nostalgic associations, nursery rhymes and lullabies seem innocent. But when you really listen to the lyrics, this perception might change… A nursery rhyme is a short story written in rhymes, often set to rhythmic tunes or music and is designed for young children. The stories have been with us for decades and [...]
  • Questions of a reading worker

    February 21, 2018

    Who built Thebes of the seven gates? In the books you find the names of kings. Was it the kings who hauled the rocks? And Babylon, repeatedly destroyed. Who rebuilt it so many times? Which houses Of golden-gleaming Lima did the workers live in? The evening the Great Wall of China was completed, where did the masons go? Imperial Rome Is full of [...]
  • Fan fiction

    January 10, 2018

    Have you ever read a book that became much more than just a book? That smells like home every time you open it and immediately transports you back into a familiar world where everything is as it should be? This article is about what happens after “happy ever after”. A reader’s problems I close the book and my eyes, and try to let the last [...]
  • Life’s not always Simpel

    December 18, 2017

    It’s Saturday night and you’re bored to death. How about solving this problem by going to a special cinema: Thalia. It’s one of the three cinemas in Augsburg which are popular for showing rather unknown movies. Thalia, Mephisto and Savoy, are known as the “Kinodreieck”, and can be found between the Rathausplatz and the cathedral. [...]
  • Could you imagine giving away your child? To some stranger you’ve never met? In a completely different country? With a different language – which your child doesn’t speak? Completely impossible for a parent, right? Or from a child’s perspective: could you imagine leaving your parents in order to head off to a new country with a [...]
  • It’s impossible not to see the fear on the woman’s face. Her eyes are wide open and tears are trickling down her cheeks. But why? With a bit of a weird feeling, I look around the place. I’m at a colourful market where hundreds of busy people bustle among the booths. However, in a dark corner, separated from the crowd stands the small booth, [...]
  • The future is now

    November 15, 2017

    Think back to your childhood for a second and try to remember the things that seemed strictly sci-fi to you. Cool tech people used in movies and stories like it’s the most normal thing in the world, but surely couldn’t exist in real life. For me, things like Star Trek’s holodeck and scanners come to mind. Turns out that these things are now [...]
  • On Thursday, 6th July, the Anglistentheater premiered their latest play “Speaking in tongues”, by Andrew Bovell. Have you ever wondered how other people cope with their problems? How they seek a cure for their emotional wounds? This play starts by showing us a pretty drastic way of handling an unstable marriage: cheating. Jane is married to [...]
  • Biennale Arte 2017

    June 14, 2017

    Il 13 Maggio scorso si è inauguara la 57° Biennale d’arte di Venezia. L’esposizione internazionale più antica del mondo  – la prima fu inaugurata nel 1895 – deve il nome alla sua scadenza “biennale” (=ogni due anni). Quest’anno la mostra è firmata da una donna: Christine Macel, chief curator del Centre Pompidou di [...]
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – a name you should be familiar with. Everybody knows Mozart and has heard at least one of his amazing pieces or seen one of his famous operas. But what if I tell you that most of what you think you know about Amadeus was actually made up after his death and is probably not true? What if even the name you’re so [...]
  • How would you define home? Can you have more than just one? Have you ever read a text written by a refugee? Are there ways of helping refugees escape the madness of German bureaucracy – at least for an hour a day? What’s it like teaching your own language and culture? And what do you learn about yourself while doing so? Do you believe [...]
  • Everybody knows Charlie Chaplin because of his fame as actor, filmmaker and composer of the silent era. But I bet you don’t know everything about him… Let’s start with a short biography: Charlie Chaplin was born in London in 1889. His birth name was Charles Spencer Chaplin, though he had many nicknames such as Charlie, Charlot and The Little [...]
  • You think summer and school can’t be combined? You’re wrong! Imagine the easiest combination and exactly this is what summer school means: It’s voluntarily attending a school or university during the summer break while your friends are lying on the beach or at a lido. Why did I choose to attend a summer school for teachers in Salzburg then? [...]
  • I. Don’t drive a nail into the wall, Throw your coat on the chair. Why plan for four days? You will return tomorrow. Leave the small tree without water. Why plant another tree? Before it grows as high as a step, You will be glad to get away from here. Pull your hat down tight when someone passes by! Why browse a foreign grammar? The letter that [...]
  • Remake, reboot, recycle?

    January 5, 2017

    Up until a couple of years ago, it seemed that Hollywood would never run out of new ideas. Yes, there was the occasional book turned into a movie, but at least that was a story nobody had seen on the big screen before. This all changed, though, and now it feels like every single film coming out of Tinseltown has been made at least once before. I [...]
  • At 4.48 when sanity visits…

    December 15, 2016

    Since today’s the last chance to see the University of Augsburg  “Anglisten Theater” perform “4.48 Psychosis”, I thought I’d share my experience of the premiere last Thursday (December 8th).  It’s the last play written by its author Sarah Kane, and tells the story of a young, mentally ill, woman. I actually can’t sum it up in [...]
  • Yes, I admit it. I’m a total series addict! Watching my favourite shows is pure joy for me and the best way to relax after a stressful day. Having to wait from week to week until the next episode airs is sheer torture for me and God forbid if my favourite show takes a TV hiatus and the next summer/winter/autumn/spring/whatever break approaches. [...]
  • On Thursday 8th December, the AnglistenTheater will premiere their latest play: 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. eMAG visited their final rehearsal and had a chat with Anna – who plays a young mentally ill lady – and Lotte, who plays one of her doctors. So this is your last rehearsal before the premiere. Are you nervous yet? Anna: Not in an [...]
  • Don’t give up the fight

    November 30, 2016

    Tomorrow is probably the most important day of the year for some people. It’s World AIDS Day. There are more than 36 million people diagnosed with HIV worldwide who are invisible for the rest of the year. We don’t see them and we don’t even think about them, but why? What would you do if you met a nice person and after a while he or she [...]
  • Why am I asking such stupid questions? Well, 2016 is not only the Queen’s 90th birthday, but also the 90th anniversary of the first publication starring Winnie-The-Pooh. It turns out that the two of them have a lot in common. They are both 90, very British and say clever things every now and then. Probably the Queen is even fond of honey [...]
  • Flashback: People in long-term relationships will know the problem: your partner in crime’s birthday is just around the corner and you’ve already given him the most creative presents about a hundred times. And since I’m a huge fan of personal presents, I can’t just buy some random perfume or (God, please save me from this shame) a [...]
  • Plastic? – No, thanks!

    August 24, 2016

    “We know that when we protect our oceans we’re protecting our future.”- Bill Clinton Almost three months ago, on June 8, was World Oceans Day, dedicated to our oceans, which are polluted by mankind, and to ways how to protect them. But actually every day should be World Oceans Day, so let’s take a closer look at why the oceans are so [...]
  • More than just some entertaining stories Happy Book Lover’s Day! Talking about books: when was the last time you dived into a completely new world full of fascinating characters and unknown worlds? If your answer is “I ain’t got time for that”, ask yourself again whether you really can’t set apart a few minutes a day to read a [...]
  • Pokémon Go

    July 31, 2016

    Be honest, there is nobody on this planet who hasn’t heard of Niantic’s latest app: PokémonGo. There are millions of lovers, but probably just as many haters out there. But what is the hype really about? Since the mid-90’s people all over the world have been fans of the Gameboy game series. Niantic and Nintendo have long refused to offer [...]
  • Drama, baby, drama!

    July 13, 2016

    Why Augsburg needs a theatre If you live or study in Augsburg, you’ve probably heard of the discussions about modernising Augsburg’s theatre, which is estimated to cost 186 Million Euros. 186 Million Euros is a lot of money, and, as always, when a city decides to spend its citizens’ tax money, especially so much of it, there are protests. In [...]