Treating your inner geek

Everybody has that one movie- or TV-series they’re crazy about – whether it’s Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or The Walking Dead – just to name a few. And once you watch one movie or episode, you can sometimes barely stop yourself from binge watching the whole series or season. But actually why shouldn’t you?

The planning

First of all, you need a suitable partner: he or she has to be at least as crazy as you are about what you’re going to watch, and you have to like them enough to spend a long time with them (sometimes not as easy as it seems). Then you need to consider where to watch. You might have to talk to your roommates if you plan to block the TV for several hours (or simply force them to participate), or you can take your own laptop. You also need to set a date: a weekend is probably the best idea, because after you’ve been watching TV the whole night, you might not be very productive the next day. Depending on how long the marathon is going to be, you might want to start in the morning, so you don’t lack a night’s sleep right at the beginning.

Getting closer to the big day

You should calculate the time you need to watch – which can be anything from “only” about 4 ½ hours for the first season of The Walking Dead (well, you can still watch more than one if that’s not enough – you can’t really stop after a finale anyway, can you?) over 8 ½ hours for a season of Game of Thrones, and up to over 20 hours for all eight Harry Potter movies. And don’t forget to include pauses to go to the bathroom and to prepare food! Depending on how long you’re going to be watching that might include breakfast, lunch and supper, plus some snacks and coffee or energy drinks to stay awake.IMG_6798-001

It’s showtime!

When the day has finally arrived, grab your Hogwarts House scarf, the One Ring to rule them all or your Jedi (or Sith) outfit, or whatever else you think is suitable for the occasion and enjoy the show!

Author: Sophia Brandt
Picture: Noemi Hehl